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It is becoming more apparent that more people are willing to listen and actually think about where their clothes are made.  Oxfam Australia, a global movement of people working hard to tackle poverty around the globe are trying hard to raise awareness of large corporations both globally and within Australia using 'Sweatshops' for their garment manufacture.
You may ask 'What is a sweatshop?.  Basically a sweatshop is a manufacturing facility where workers are forced to work long hours with very little pay and have no or very little labour rights.  Not only are the majority of these sweatshops common in developing countries where there are no labour laws but the factories that they are forced to work in are dangerous and unsafe places to work, coupled with an exposure to all sorts of toxins, unsafe machinery with no OHS in place and families with children living in these places. Read more on Oxfam's Are Your Clothes Made in Sweatshops?
We at DONNAH produce small batches, we know our sewers and pattern-makers personally and have been working together now for several years.  We are 'sweatshop free', abide to fair trade work places and we'll never compromise on sustainability to produce your garments. 
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Our Bali manufacturers have been producing garments for over 30 years and all their clients including DONNAH pay a fair price for production which encompasses Fair Trade Practice.   
Rose our production Manager (featured fore-front) is our first point of contact and as we regularly travel to inspect production we are are constantly in contact.  We are forever grateful to have her expertise and guidance.   
Our manufacturer's employees get several days of paid annual leave to attend religious ceremonies (we have to remember to mark off our calendar for these events) or personal leave for such things as funerals etc.  They do not work excessive hours and are compensated fairly allowing them to provide a good lifestyle  for theirselves and their families.       


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