Our Eco Friendly Fabrics

Eco Friendly Fibres for sustainable fashion

Wherever possible we endeavour to incorporate eco friendly fibres into our range.  Some of these fibres are labelled 'organic', e.g. silk, linen and organic cotton because they are a natural fibre and usually have less impact on our environment.  Others like Lenzing modal, viscose and tencel and Bamboo are termed eco friendly because of the way they are environmentally processed or because they obtain their wood from forests which are managed sustainably or the growing process is kind to our environment  (in Bamboo's case - see below).

Lenzing Fibres
As well as their current environmentally friendly processing, in 1977 Lenzing started using an environmentally friendly bleaching method for pulp for their cellulosic fibers - we love this idea and the company's ethos.
Due to its high wet strength, modal can be machine washed and tumble dried.  Modal fibers are stable and do not shrink or get pulled out of shape when wet.  They are also wear resistant and strong while maintaining a soft, silky feel. 

Modal is about 50% more water-absorbent, per unit volume than cotton making it a perfect eco friendly fibre.   It’s designed to dye just like cotton and is color-fast when washed in warm water. Even after repeated washing, modal remains absorbent, soft and supple. 
Silk is a highly renewable resource with less impact on the planet than many other fabrics.  The silk worm feeds on mulberry leaves, which don't require pesticides or fertilizers to grow.  The downside is that some chemicals may be used for cleaning the silk and can pollute groundwater. 
Cultivating bamboo requires no pesticides herbicides or irrigation and instead relies on natural rainfall.  It also has a self replenishing growth cycle so there is no need for replanting thus avoiding soil erosion or damage to the surrounding environment.  Furthermore bamboo produces up to 35% more oxygen than trees, thus helping offset carbon-dioxide emissions.  
There are some concerns that certain methods of processing and manufacturing bamboo are less than eco friendly as they require the use of chemicals and dyes.  We feel that the positives however outweigh the negatives of using bamboo in our collections.
Bamboo has some amazing qualities; it naturally repels odours and allergens, is cooler and twice as soft as cotton and wicks moisture away from your body.  With bamboo's soft, silky feel and its breathability, no wonder it has been touted as the most comfortable fabric ever!
Organic cotton
Organic cotton is produced from non genetically modified plants, that is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides.  Clothing made from organic cottons have the feel of linen but without the weight.