About our founder and designer Donna Holmes

Hi I’m Donna Holmes, the designer at Donnah based in the beautiful south west of Western Australia. 

I've always loved fashion and from a young age my mother taught me how to sew.

As I got older I noticed fabric shops disappear, people no longer sewed and fast fashion became the norm. But what concerned me the most was the massive impact this has on people and the planet.

I dreamt of starting a slow fashion label and so the journey of Donnah  began…


The history of Donnah

I completed a Diploma of Fashion and Design at Fremantle TAFE.  I learnt to draw, design and sew.

I found out the whole process necessary to manufacture.

I soon found out creating a fashion label was sheer hard work.





Donnah's ethical and sustainable factory

My love affair with Bali began in the 80's. I loved everything about the island. The weather, the people and the culture.  So it was only natural to find an ethical factory and engage their skilled artisans to make my garments… 

It's really important to me to know 'Who Made My Clothes' and knowing that the staff are respected and paid fairly.

I visit Bali several times a year to meet with our production team.  I am the fit model (yes that's me in the pic with Rose our Production Manager).






Sustainable fabrics | low impact dyes

I source the sustainable fabrics and trims myself. The fabrics we use are natural fibres  such as linen, cotton and silk.  We also use Lenzing fibres made from the pulp of beech trees which are cultivated without chemicals.

I've researched natural dyeing on the island.  This process has a beautiful end result but is only suitable for small runs. We now use low impact dyes that are Azo free and safe for people and the planet.  

Find out more about our eco friendly fabrics.

Why shop with us?

We'll always do our utmost to make sure you have a seamless shopping experience.  We offer easy returns and a 100% guarantee on all products.

Donnah creates luxuriously sustainable and ethical natural fibre clothing for the eco-minded women. We offer free express shipping on Australian orders and superior customer service.

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Donna Holmes

Founder and Designer