Our story

About Us 

Sustainable, Ethically Crafted, Natural Fibre Clothing.

These words define our label.   We’re a small family owned business who believe women should easily be able to combine sustainability with style.

We create timeless pieces that can be worn over and over; well made clothes that last and can be passed down.

We don’t follow trends and don’t compromise on style or quality.

We’re totally opposed to the fast fashion throw-away mentality.  We dream of getting back to the days when people cared for and treasured their clothing, when women bought classic staples to wear year after year or passed them down to family or friends.

We’re proud to know our makers. 

We know our skilled artisans and know that they are paid well.  We take responsibility for our workers and the planet through our conscious practices. 

Carbon Footprint

We’re  continually trying to improve our carbon footprint, whether it be through sourcing eco friendly fabrics or limiting the number of trims we use on a garment.  We have made the decision early on to produce in small batch lots in order to reduce waste. 

“Donnah is for the woman with a conscious mindset who values quality over quantity".

We hope you love our range.


About Our Designer

"As as a young girl I had a passion for fabric and colour and learnt to sew at an early age from my mother.  Even though I've spent many holidays in Bali, one particular trip brought back memories of my fist visit in the early 80's and its visual and spiritual impact it had on me. 

Deciding to follow my dream to create a clothing label out of Bali,  I enrolled in a Diploma in Fashion, Design and Textiles and the story of Donnah began.

With children grown up and more time on our hands, my partner and I now embrace the island's culture and its people, making it our second home.

Donna Holmes Xx


For all wholesale enquiries, please email admin@donnahclothing.com.au