About our founder and designer 



Hi I'm Donna and I live in the beautiful south west of Western Australia.

My love affair with Bali began in the 80's. I loved everything about the magical island.  The weather, the people and the culture (that's me at the beach).  I thought wow I want to spend more time here - how could I do this?  Surrounded by so much inspiration I started thinking I could start a fashion label.

I've always loved fashion and the dream of doing something I loved was super exciting.  One thing I knew was I didn't want to join the bandwagon of people wanting to exploit workers and make cheap $5 tee-shirts.  

I arrived home, enrolled in a Diploma of Fashion and Design and prepared for my next Bali trip ready to source an ethical factory. 

Our ethical and sustainable factory

Our factory values and respects their staff.  I visit them several times a year and the staff are like family to me now.  It's really important for me to know 'Who Made My Clothes' and knowing that workers are respected, paid fairly and their working conditions are fair and transparent is paramount.

Sustainable fabrics  and low impact dyes

Synthetic fibres have a huge impact on our environment. The production of these fabrics use harmful chemicals. They contribute to micro plastic pollution. The chemicals they omit into your body are unhealthy and can make you sick.
We use natural fibres in our collections. These fabrics last longer, have far less impact on the planet and are much kinder to your body.
Our dyers use non toxic dyes that are free from heavy metals and they are GOTS certified.  Safe for you and the planet. 
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