Which fabrics are eco friendly?

Eco Friendly Fabrics

Do you know which fabrics are eco friendly?  We've listed below the eco friendly fabrics we use in our collections. These fabrics have less environmental impact and therefore are kinder to the planet and you. 

Linen, cotton and silk are our main eco friendly fabrics. We also use Lenzing's tencel, modal and viscose which are cellulose fibres from sustainably managed forrests.

Eco Friendly Linen

Cool and fresh, linen absorbs up to 20% of its own weight in moisture.

It's totally biodegradable and recyclable, breathable, non-static and virtually lint free.

We're so in love with this eco friendly fabric that we'll be crafting more of our styles from this beautiful natural fibre.  Why not check out our linen collection. 


Eco friendly cotton

Cotton's an eco friendly fabric and is 100% biodegradable.   It's comfortable to wear, breathable and is extremely durable.  We love using cotton to create the most beautiful pieces.  
We're currently sourcing organic cotton with a view to incorporating into future collections.  Shop our cotton collection.


Eco friendly Lenzing fabrics  

Renewal wood pulp that's sustainably and responsibly sourced and made into tencel, modal and viscose by Lenzing AG are our preferred cellulosic fibres   
The Austrian company Lenzing uses an environmentally friendly bleaching method which has a low environmental impact.  All these eco friendly fabrics drape well, are moisture absorbing and soft against the skin. Shop Basics.

Eco friendly silk

Silk's a highly renewable eco friendly fabric with less impact on the planet than many other fabrics.  It has good insulation properties, warm in winter and cool in summer.  It's also one of the strongest natural fibres.  The silk worm feeds on mulberry leaves which don't require pesticides or fertilizers to grow.
If you love the luxurious feel of silk, shop our silk collection.