“An ethically minded and sustainable label trying to empower others to spread the word.”  
Thanks for taking the time to read about our ethics.   You can have a big impact by buying from businesses who are trying to create a better world.  We know how easy it is to put your dollars into fast fashion labels but we'd love you to think a little before you make your next purchase as you can really help change things.  Don’t underestimate that small acts multiplied can have an enormous impact on changing our world.
We all know something has to happen soon and our world needs change.  For this reason we're playing our part by constantly looking at ways to increase our sustainability, whether it be the fabrics we use to create your beautifully ethically made clothes or the support we offer the skilled artisans that are employed to make them.  Sometimes it’s a challenge but we’re adamant this  path is the path we want to travel.
“Beautiful smiles, offerings, talented artisans, chaotic streets and market life combine to make Bali the most culturally alive, magical and spiritual land – coupled with the laid back lifestyle and tropical climate, we think it’s very appropriately considered the Island of the Gods.” 
It’s a pleasure to be able to support small artisans because without support from us and others their craft wouldn’t be able to survive.  
Having travelled to Bali in the early 80's along with many other young travellers often labelled ‘hippies’, our founder and designer Donna Holmes reminisces on those magical moments…
I’ve so many beautiful memories of the local women visiting our losmen (Balinese homestay) each morning.  We’d  barter with them even though they didn’t speak a word of English.  Embroidered dresses, beaded necklaces and sarongs were up for grabs and somehow with lots of broken banter, laughs and smiling faces, a sale would always be clinched. 
It’s such a buzz to see the ladies on the beach still selling their wares, enabling them to help support themselves and their families.  I’m so happy their lifestyle hasn’t yet been compromised;  I continue to embrace and wonder at the lives and beliefs of these beautiful people 30+ years on."
Fast fashion has had a tremendous impact on small artisans globally and it’s only with our support that they can continue to survive.  We’re forever grateful these talented artisans remain, willing to help us pursue our dream of bringing you beautifully handmade, sustainable fashion that’s ethically produced. 
Balinese Culture
Religion, family and community is forefront to the Balinese peoples’ whole existence.   
Bali is one of the few countries who place family values and spiritual fulfillment before money.  There are many spiritual days and even months in the Hindu calendar that need to be respected if you are to do any type of business in Bali.  Ceremonies occur regularly and extra holidays come into play and when you need to meet a deadline it can become extremely frustrating as time just doesn’t seem as important to the Balinese people as it does to us Westerners.
We have thoughtfully considered all of the above but as we hold an ethos of ‘Slow Fashion’ we choose to continue along this path as manufacturing with the Balinese people definitely resonates with our whole philosophy of ‘Slow Fashion’.  To embrace their values and make it work we apply a module of “considered manufacturing” and produce garments in small batches. 

We know your makers

"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.” —Mahatma Gandhi.

Spending at least a few months and sometimes more on the magical island of Bali our designer knows the artisans personally and is assured that they are paid a fair wage with good conditions including holiday pay and sick leave. 

We may pay that little bit extra but we're safe in the knowledge that we're providing fair working conditions to these people and their families.  The Balinese will always try their best to help us achieve our goals and for this we are extremely grateful.  

Quality control is paramount to us so if for whatever reason you are not happy with you purchase, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We'd love to know if your garment is of inferior quality in any way so we can make good.

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